If you like to send me a question, please use the contact me page and I will try to answer it at my best.

Q. Why don't you wear ab/dl nappies with patterns?

A. Because they cost to much and medical ones are affordable on where you go to buy them.

Q. Where Can I Buy Noisy Plastic Pants When Walking Around ?

A. Drylife sells there own plastic pants and when walking around they crickle and crackly which will make you feel little embarrassing.

Q. Where Do You Buy Your Products ?

A. Most people has now been asking me on where do I buy my products (Nappies) so I have now added website links to companys on my nappy reviews page to help others

Q. No More Gallery / Photos ?

A. Yes but now moved to Members Area due to search engines sharing my personal photos

Q. Why don't you show your face ?

A. Because there is loads of people out there

Q. Do you act like a baby?

A. No ! I don't like to sit there and go "goo goo gaa gaa" and feel helpless.

Q. Why is your spelling / grammer bad on your site ?

A. That will be my baby / little side coming out and to be honest I was never good at school with bullying.

Q. Where can i buy terry cloth nappies / adult nappies ?

A. For Adult Nappies would be Boots (staydry) Slips or for Terry Cloth Nappies then try Ebay.

Q. Can you become incontinent when always wearing nappies/diapers ?

A. No!! you can not and if people tell you they are, it's 100% false! because I have been wearing for many years and not lose control over my bladder.

Q. Cloth back nappy/diaper replacing plastic back ?

A. If you now have notice that many adult nappy/diaper compains now turning to cloth backing. I would like to point out is to wear plastic pants with them because of odor smell from wetting and if tapes are on cloth then again wear extra protection because of leaking during the sides.

Q. Removing hair / body hair ?

A. Best advice to buy body grooming shaver, they don't give you a rash or spots but if you use a normal electric shaver, then it will cause you to get a rash

Q. If you meet someone famous (celebrity) would you let others know ?

A. To be honest If I did...I would NOT! (evern for money I would not)

Q. Buying adult nappies in shops where ?

A. You can buy adult nappies at Boots store which sell (Stay Dry Slips) or some Asda stores sell Tena Slip.

Q. Why do you blank your face out in your photo's ?

A. The internet can be your friend/enermy saying that people can hurt you in many ways with having a photo showing your face.

Q, How did you become an adult baby / telling your parents ?

A. To be honest thats a long story........ :-)

Q, Where do you change your nappy/diaper when out ?

A. I change my nappy/diaper in an Changing Places room because they always have a changing table the size for an adult to use, or just standing up inside a normal toilet and changing myself.

Q, Can I come to your nursery/toddler bedroom ?

A. Yes you can, as long I get to know you first and also chat online and meet in a public place.

Q, Why do you act like a baby/toddler more ?

A. Because in life its one way to escape real life events and when I was a baby I felt secure and safe and nothing was hurting me...

Q. Do you wear nappies/diapers everyday/night ?

A. Yes I wear them alot more now then what I used to because they make feel seacrue and safe and to be honest at least they are not hurting you when wearing them, unlike other things out in
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