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! Important Note : This is not sexual for me in anyway shape or form and NOTHING to do with real kids or babies!
Thank you for visiting my site. You are the ones at the end of the day who makes the site possible and by visiting it.

*Daily / Weekly Website Updates*

I hope this site will be great for you and also please do come back to the site as it is always updated

Beyond that, simply enjoy and have fun..
I am 30+ years old male who likes to act / roleplay as a Little / Toddler who is still in nappies / diapers wear them every day and night 24/7.

I love giving people hugs and cuddles and like having them in return.

Family knows about my life style.

I live in East Midlands - England U.K.

When I am not a little / toddler , I wear nappies / diapers under my cloths 24/7 which also mean I am a DL (Diaper Lover) NL (Nappy Lover) ...Read More Here....
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17th July 2022
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