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(Some Great Products To Choose From For Your Incontinence)
Incontinence Pants
(feature a built in pad and are ideal for those who would prefer the feel of a pant product to a pad or all in one. The pads feature the elasticity and feel of normal underwear combined with the simplicity and convenience of disposable incontinence pads)
Pads For Light Incontinence
(for light incontinence are specially designed to be worn with your own underwear for a close fit. These pads are anatomically shaped, providing discretion and an accurate fit)
Incontinence Nappies
(are designed to provide maximum leakage security for those with heavier incontinence conditions and/or users with lower levels of mobility. Adhesive tapes at the sides or a belt hold the incontinence pad in position)
Belted Incontinence Pads
(provide maximum security against leakage for heavier conditions and/or users with lower levels of mobility. These pads enable normal toilet use without full product removal, saving you time and providing convenience)
Shaped Pads
(are the perfect solution for moderate to heavy incontinence in men. The pads are designed to be worn with mesh support pants or close fitting underwear)
Mesh Pants For Incontinence Pads
(are designed specifically for use alongside shaped incontinence pads to hold them in place correctly. This ensures optimum fit for full leakage security and comfort)
Rectangular Booster Pads
( can be used as insert pad within washable pouch pants, or as a booster pad in other products. They can also be used as a low cost light incontinence pad inside normal underwear)
Bariatric Incontinence Pants
(are specially designed for maximum comfort and fit to prevent leakage on larger waist sizes)
Extensive Collection
(These products have been specially designed to be worn within user's own underwear to provide close body fit for discreet comfort and security)
Nappy Booster Pads
(These multi-use pads can be used to provide additional absorbency inside an absorbent product. These nappy booster pads are also ideal on their own for individuals with light urinary incontinence)
Washable Waterproof Plastic Pants
(consists of both traditional plastic incontinence pants and Cotton Protective Pants with an inner plastic liner. Both of these designs provide extra protection against day or night time urine leakage)
Disposable Bed Pads
(disposable bed pads contain virgin fluff pulp for greater levels of absorption and have a polyethylene blue backing for extra protection)
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