Yes I know what you thinking or saying :

Weird, Crazy, Creepy, Disgusting, Strange, Freek, Sick, Wrong, Disturbing,
Paedophiles, Rubbish, Idiot, Stupid, Shocked, Peado, Incomprehension Bizarre,
Stunned, Yuck, Weirdos, Ridiculous, Sickness, Pathetic, Uncomfortable, Stupidity,
Sickening, Gross, Odd, Issues, Nutcases, Filth, Speechless, Joke, Wackos, Wrong, OMG, Pedo,

Ask yourself........what is a NORMAL person ???
there no such person in this world ! what is normal to one can be wierd to others.

I bet you have got something hiding in your closet but does that make it wrong or just something you want to keep private

It is not against the law to want to be in a nappy and it is not hurting others.

DO NOT Judge Us Before Thinking Of Them Words!

Everyone has got their own opinions on what they think about Adult Babies or someone who just wants to wear Nappies/Diapers for pleasure, sexual, medical, comfort, security to feel safe or as a fetish just because they love wearing them.


Comfort, Security, Safety : Some people like to dressup or wear baby stuff to feel this way. For some it is a way to get rid of everyday stress or they want to return back to a baby state and turn back the clocks to when they feel safe  feel should be felt

Sexual, Pleasure, Fun : For some people it can be sexual they enjoy being a baby or wanting to be changed but again this is not hurting anyone..

Medical Reasons : Lost bladder controll or disabled, incontinent, bedwetting. here people do not have a choice but have to wear a diaper/nappy and they should not feel ashamed if they do.

Understanding / Advice / Help

Try telling other like minded people about how you feel, this is what this site is about, tell them why you like wearing.

When you are ready tell your friends and family if you think they will be understanding. you can say that you are doing no harm and not taking drugs.

You are the best person to know how they are going to react,, but remember the people in this group are your friends and know exactly what you are going through.

I was lucky I told my family a long time ago and they have supported me all the way. If you tell your friends i hope it goes well for you like it did for me.

If you cry or get upset when reading this just let your feelings out and remember you are not the only one and there are many others out there in the same boat as you.

I am a good listener and will reply to any messages sent to me (Click Here)

**Thank You For Your Time In Reading This**

xx Baby Junior xx

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