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Want to feel smooth like a baby ? I personaly highly recommend buying a Body Groomer unlike a normal razor and never come out in a rash and feel smooth in all areas of your body !

Did you know M&S marksandspencer now selling Special Needs clothing and they are very cheap upto the age of 16 years old (small adult size can fit easy) and the price is very cheap (online & pickup at store)

Fedup on buying nappies online ? have you tryed :


Tesco Health Junior Nappies (Tesco Store)


Tena Slip (Asda + Some SuperStores)


Boots Adjustable Slips (Boots Store)


just some ideas on where to find them instead of buying online.

Get strange looks if you ever taken a dummy outside sucking on it ? well this has got to be the best for everyone called a Chewy

people don't give you strange looks when biting on it :-)

Want to smell like a baby and powder not strong ? I personaly now use Cologne which you can sprey on like a aftershave and it lasts alot longer depending on which one to buy !

Best way of getting your bedroom or house or flat to smell like a nursery ? try using Oil Burner (Granules or Fragrance Oil) it helps when you sleep :-)

If you wear cloth type backing nappies / adult nappies or incontince pads then make sure to wear plastic pants over them incase of leaks and smell

Tesco Health Junior Plus Nappies *Update*

July 1st 2020 (NEW Larger size) in store + online

Have you try this ? it's now the great way you can wear face mask + sucking on a dummy under it

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If you didn't already know that always remember to wash and clean and use hot water to sterilise them otherwise can make you unwell

If you buy the M & S easy clothing range / adaptive clothing / special needs then you can use the nappy exstenders for vests and make it more better to wear.

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